Beyond the Beans: Michael Bingham

By: Brittany Leslie – Wholesale Account Manager and Educator, Kean Coffee From Barista, to Production Member, to Roaster. Michael never expected that his curiosity towards specialty coffee as a young teenager would end up setting him on the path of building a coffee career. Through 8 years of hard work and demonstrating his skills as … Continue reading Beyond the Beans: Michael Bingham

Making your home a Coffee-house: An Introduction to Home Brewing


Staying at home does not mean that you must give up your morning ritual of drinking fresh specialty coffee. This article will help home baristas and coffee newcomers alike. We will go over the procedures and brewing techniques for a home brewer, Hario v60, Chemex, and French Press.

Cold Brew vs Iced Pour Over

By: Gabe Venegas Wholesale Account Manager and Coffee Educator, Kean Coffee With summer rapidly approaching, we thought It would be fun to bring up the never-ending battle between Cold Brew vs Iced Pour Over. For this article, we’re not going to tell you which one is better than the other because, at the end of … Continue reading Cold Brew vs Iced Pour Over

Adventures in Coffee Growing – by Martin Diedrich

Sunday morning coffee harvest today. I picked coffee from just one specific tree, a Garnica Arabica variety. We have about 14 different Arabica varieties growing on our small Costa Mesa coffee farm. The Garnica tree was full of ripe, sweet fruit, of which the seed is the bean one makes coffee from. The Garnica variety … Continue reading Adventures in Coffee Growing – by Martin Diedrich